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I made a funnel for a solder fume extractor and got the wall thickness units mixed up. Thought I was in millimetres, turned out it was in centimetres.

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Also looks the right size, which always amazes me with the stuff I make. It's either correct or massive 😂

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Doing some 3D modelling with . This is a mount to fit a 120mm PC fan to a 100mm vent hole.

"If you can't sleep, don't lie there, get up and do something until you feel sleepy"

Whoever came up with that rubbish clearly never tried it. Woke up randomly the other night at 3am, decided to do some light reading... next thing it was 5am and I still wasn't tired.

The book BTW was the 900 page version of this, so hardly exciting and stimulating reading

All previous (petrol) cars I've owned have freaked out when there was less than 62 miles left. This one? It gently pings when the battery is at 12% with 2 miles of range 😆

There's an ice cream van driving round the estate playing the Monty Python theme tune.

Federated Madness

You know this Mastodon thing everyone's going apeshit over? Well it runs on a technology called ActivityPub which is something everything needs to support. It implements social media style following and so on using a protocol that anyone can use.

So, as is my way I've been playing. I already run a Mastodon instance that you should follow me on, but now I also have a Pixelf

We're testing the limits of AI comprehension here.

I think it might like waffles.

Gamedev, music, art and being creative

I am not a creative person, and I'd quite like to change this. There's a bunch of creative skills I've never put the effort into improving and I think I might have some ways to overcome this. Let's have a look...

When I say I'm not creative, what I mean is coming up with ideas to begin with is hard. I can iterate on ideas and

Bing made a naughty 😂

(Bing did not detect my prompt was unsafe though...)

Discord, for god's sake... if I'm typing in a channel but looking at old text... please put up a warning before posting my text or something!

"Hey, you're looking at old content, do you mean to reply without quoting?" would do wonders for not looking like an idiot.

Wouldn't totally cure being an idiot, but would help.

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