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BBC BASIC in RiscOS on a Raspberry Pi is really cool

Your Raspberry Pi can do more than emulate games consoles or be a really slow Linux desktop.

Come into the alternate mirror universe where Raspberry Pis run more than Linux.

For no obvious reason my media player that talks to my own server decided to eat all the data today. Stupid thing.

"please come back! All your friends are here! You're missing out!"


1. Google has some bad summarization telling people that throwing batteries into the ocean is good.
2. News articles were written about this.
3. Bing's summarization interprets these articles as advice to ... throw batteries in the ocean!


(To clarify: this is classic Bing, not ChatGPT Bing.)

(Also note not everyone gets this result. Other queries that might work: "is throwing a battery in the ocean beneficial", "is throwing a battery in the ocean useful" without quotes)

“Good” Morning?

I sleep with my FitBit on. Every morning it tells me how well I slept. For those with other devices (or none!) the way this works is by monitoring my heart rate, motion and blood oxygen level. It then does some magical maths to arrive at a score out of 100.

In FitBit land, a score of "80" means you had a "Good" night's sleep. In the real world, 80 is not a good night's sleep. Ever woken fe

Boost if you tolerate Linux :linux:

Or you have too many Debian ISOs in your SAN :debian_logo:

Or BSD seems cool but just a little too obtuse to learn :freebsd_logo:

Or if you wish tech would reverse its steady march towards hastily-designed, partially-implemented cheaply-manufactured e-waste :blobcat_thisisfine:

Hoarding water for the summer

I add yet another water butt to my garden ready for summer, and attempt to make the lawn less muddy.

Samsung SDP-860 Document Camera Thing

I go eBay shopping and buy something that might be useful in future videos.

Dear , what if life were more like a video game.

Hmm. Can life be more like a video game?

@mos_8502 Yeah this hobby loses its charm if you have to strictly follow the rules of the time period.

Dodgy 14" colour TVs with RF, stood on wobbly tables with uncomfortable chairs, and games on tape that probably loaded fine.

Even modern retro is quite an advance from how it was. You can literally go on and run emulators in your browser. I remember the pain of setting up MAME by hand.

How to disable Chrome’s ssl and hsts warnings

tldr; type in 'thisisunsafe' into the browser window to switch the warning off. Use with care.

Fellow teachers, here's a new horror for you. You know the snotty kid who's completely unaware they have a slug sliding out their nostril, who has permanently damp sleeves?

They now own iPads, and the screens on their iPads are *sticky* ...

Zen and the art of Cross Stitch

I've taken up cross stitch. It's strangely relaxing.

Post contains images that are a bit NSFW...

Pressing Ctrl-C with no text selected *should not do anything*, but if it does, the thing it should definitely not do is copy "nothing".

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