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Today's job that I don't really want to do, but appear to be the only person capable of doing - fitting my sister's Sky Glass to the wall.

The instructions are good, and it comes with its own wall bracket. Just, you know, it's effort and faff.

This is hilarious, my sister has an Alexa, a Google phone and now a Sky Glass which also has a voice assistant. They all wake with different phrases. I just heard "Alexa....oh bugger not you. Hey Goo...shit.... umm... no no shut up. Hello Sky err what did I want?".

Why's everything got to have a voice assistant in it? God help us when we all get old and mad and can barely remember our own names.

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For more information please re-read.

That's fancy, my car can fit 26,000 kWh in its battery. Not bad considering it was only sold with a 50kwh battery 😆

Make the net weird again. Hand write sites like it’s the 90s. Pick interesting domain names and make fan sites or random knowledge known to everyone. Don’t monetize anything. Spearhead new protocols like Gemini. Make mods for games on your site. Make FAQs for obscure games no one knows about. Make public software services available to anyone. Make a news site about a really random subject. Create music in all kinds of different formats. Most of all, do it because you want to!

How to bootstrap a good set of people to follow on the fediverse, a cheat sheet:

- First, if you're using Mastodon's web interface, turn on the "advanced" UI, it's essential. Okay that's not a key part but it is essential. (YMMV across other interfaces.)
- Find someone you like and follow them
- Look at what they're reposting
- Follow those people
- "Cheat" and just straight up look at peoples' following lists and follow some of them
- You can also look at the local and public timelines, but these are a firehose; the former ends up being more interesting than the latter

Here's my .
I'm James, I'm from Yorkshire and am owned by two cats.

is my main thing, mostly low level and programming. I have a website and a channel where I gather together my nerdy pastimes.

Content here will mostly be about nerdy stuff, with zero politics or other annoying rubbish.

Now @Raspberry_Pi has its own @Mastodon instance, and because we’re committed to supporting platforms that support us, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We have become a platinum sponsor of #Mastodon. In case you don't know Mastodon is a non-profit corporation based in Germany supported by both its sponsors and patreons. #TwitterMigration

Seeing how what’s old is new again, can anyone recommend any interesting tech blogs I can read? I don’t mean big websites like Hack a Day or whatever, I more mean small websites by random nerds, doing their thing and writing about it in a more long form way.

I just released a new video!

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 is the baby brother of the EcoFlow Delta, and is a brand new portable power station with 12V, USB A, USB C PD and a mains inverter. It can also be charged directly by solar. But is it any good? I hooked it up to my ongoing DIY solar system project to find out.

Great, my cold has progressed from feeling crap and coughing so much I have a headache, to violent sneezing that might eject my tonsils across the room.

I had a flu jab today, I was told I might have cold like symptoms for 24h.

I’ve had a cold since Saturday, I doubt I’ll notice.

I see a lot of people talking about how Mastodon "Feels like the Internet I remember from 20 years ago."

That's no accident. That's Federation. That's UseNet, IRC, Email, Message Boards, etc. What do they all have in common?

Federation: Users congregating around watering holes of common interest, but still being a part of a larger whole.


I wrote a small piece on the things I've learned since joining Mastodon a few months back, but one of the important bits I think is, don't join one of the big servers if you can help it. The platform is designed to be decentralised so spread yourselves around some. It also means the admins on the big servers get a little more sleep at night ;)

Surprisingly the maths was fairly accurate. Totally didn't sit behind trucks on the motorway doing 55mph. Oh no.

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So it's 35 miles home and I have "55" miles of battery. Will I make it?

I mean, I should do... Right?

I want to figure out how to make my blog auto-post on to here. Same with my videos. I was thinking, since I run my own instance, I could have a bot user for this stuff to keep it separate from what I write. Then I could do something vaguely clever with PeerTube for videos. I think I have enough upload bandwidth for this.

I’ll add the idea to my pile of projects to keep me distracted over Winter.

I’m seeing tons of awesome stuff that’s outside of my usual security firehose on other sites

The vibes on Mastodon are class and mostly very wholesome, so I'm going to share this piece I wrote a few years back about the Oblivion mod Terry Pratchett worked on. It eventually became so important to him that the developers added in a function to help him continue playing even when his Alzheimer's made it difficult to do so. Theirs is a lovely, heartfelt, uplifting story - sure give it a read if you have a sec

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