@NanoRaptor In an alternate universe NeXT was never absorbed by Apple, and continues to this day as the third choice in computers.

I hear the latest NeXT phone is coming out just before Christmas. It's squarer, with more sharper corners, painted in ultra black paint so you can barely see it in the dark.

@ncommander If this is in relation to your pride flag video, I guess another way of looking at it is you've got rid of 250 people that you probably didn't want to know in the first place.

@WiteWulf yeah... 😂 When I spoke to the plumber I was all "yeah so I was putting up a shelf and found the hot water pipe...err... Yeah..." 🙄

@matt303 Oh that reminds me, I need to find out where an order I placed has gone.

So how's your weekend going? I was fitting shelves. Instead I found the hot water pipe.

@parvXm Most seem to fail outside their warranty. I need to look at this disk and see how old it is.

Well... here we go again... another disk has decided spinning is too much effort.

Maybe I should build a new one.

@amoroso Ph it's on the Kobo store too, cool I'll take a look at that. I like computing history books ever since I discovered the Cliff Stoll and Kevin Mitnick books in my library in the 90s.

@foone I think calling anything related to web services "Kafka" was an excellent troll by Apache 😁


See also

"regards", "Its has come to my attention", "I refer you to..."

@RobF And when your will to live expires you can just disconnect, then spam the connect button a few times to ping everyone's devices loads before setting yourself offline for early lunch.

"oh sorry, internet went down, it was going weird all night too, must be the rain"

@vkc My instance is running on a Pi 4 stuck under my TV. I probably should move it to its more permanent location with my other Pi servers.

Hosting your own instance is great, when it breaks down you get to keep all the bits and then learn all about fixing it.

It's all the fun of 1990s Linux, but in the modern world 😏

Today an #internetarchive patron uploaded a 1,400 page book called "Art Of Intel X86 Assembly." It's unclear to me who the author is or how long ago it was written, but ... just reading the preface, I love this book and the author. archive.org/details/art-of-int

#assemblylanguage #x86 #foundwithTIARA

@matt303 @WiteWulf I manually set up Homeassistant to work through my google homes. Had to make a test app on the Google developer thing. A real app involves spending money based on app requests or something.

@matt303 @WiteWulf I'm sorry, I didn't catch that.

*every light in house turns on*

Actually, I think a lot of 🐓's problems could be solved by implementing a content warning system like on here. Rant your face off at the world, behind a cover so people can choose to ignore it.

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The trick to staying sane online isn't to become a hermit and disconnect from all social media.

Just disable notifications in all those apps. If there's not a red badge on their icons and you don't see banner notifications, it becomes your choice to check them. Like email.

That and turning off retweets from your incessant activist friends.

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