@ladyparabellum I don't see the junk on here, but I did go through a phase of turning off some people's boost ability, and adding some choice words to my filter.

Like dropping "Twitter" in there at the start helped, and whenever there's a new "thing" everyone is talking about, that goes in there for a few weeks.

@ladyparabellum I like it when people self-block themselves using content warnings.

It's like saying "Imma gonna spout out my personal conspiracies now" and away they go into a hole, never to be seen again.

"Oh you just like to boost political garbage? Well let's turn your boosts off".

It's important to filter your Internet to stay sane.

@ladyparabellum Yep, whenever you feel like saying "the algorithm blah blah" replace the word "algorithm" with "audience".

I find Mastodon's filtering better, as in it exists and the platform doesn't keep shoving junk at me.

@ladyparabellum Turns out the platform isn't the problem. It's the people.

@mos_8502 There's the 24 port 10/100 version of that for sale in a local pawn shop near me. It's been on sale for actual years and they still insist it's worth £50...

It has two 1gig uplink ports. The rest is 10/100...

@nigel I think an electric heater or two might have been on more than I expected. It seems ... higher than I would expect.

@RobF True, but when uploaded to a discord chat, this cat causes the entire chat text to bounce up and down. I was hoping it'd work in here too.

Oh that's very disappointing. Download and watch it on your desktop.

Or better still, upload it to your favourite discord server and watch...

Seems you can make video files with differing frame heights.

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Webm files are beneficial to the Internet. Discuss.

While watching this video of a cat.

And was it really 8 years since I took a photo of some clouds? How time flies.

Also literally nothing in this picture exists any more. It's my old workplace, they knocked it all down.

This was widely regarded as a good thing.

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Ah yes Google, we often talk about the time I emptied the lint trap on our old tumble dryer. Good times.

Some clickbait is so daft it's transcended the aim of making me click videos to the point I want it as a poster.

Just look at this 🤣

Hacking IoT Smart Plugs

Let's make the Internet of Things a bit more useful, and less like The Internet of Turd by hacking some smart plugs so they no longer phone home to China.


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