Chat GPT pretending to be a BBC Micro

I have a go at making ChatGPT pretend to be a BBC Micro. It goes ... not entirely wrong!


BBC BASIC in RiscOS on a Raspberry Pi is really cool

Your Raspberry Pi can do more than emulate games consoles or be a really slow Linux desktop.

Come into the alternate mirror universe where Raspberry Pis run more than Linux.

Some . Having a printed manual makes this much easier.

Was trying to do the 10 PRINT maze thing off the C64, but it doesn't have convenient characters next to each other in the character set.

and videos... which is more watchable?

I want to make videos about me programming games/whatever, but I can't decide whether videos of me writing code are actually interesting to watch, or whether presenting the end result is more watchable.

Playing around with SDL and C++, following the Lazy Foo tutorials while listening to some suitable music 🤘🤘🤘


I’m starting a graphics based project, and decided to use SDL2 in Windows. This meant setting up a development environment. Here’s some notes on how I set up MSYS2, VS Code and LibSDL2.

Here's my .
I'm James, I'm from Yorkshire and am owned by two cats.

is my main thing, mostly low level and programming. I have a website and a channel where I gather together my nerdy pastimes.

Content here will mostly be about nerdy stuff, with zero politics or other annoying rubbish.

Seeing how what’s old is new again, can anyone recommend any interesting tech blogs I can read? I don’t mean big websites like Hack a Day or whatever, I more mean small websites by random nerds, doing their thing and writing about it in a more long form way.

NCOT Technology

This is my private server for all things related to my website and YouTube channel.