Planting Fruit Bushes

Poundland sells cheap fruit bushes, and if you pick the ones with leaves on, they tend to grow fairly well and make a nice hedge type thing. If you pick the ones with no leaves on... they're dead, you're buying a dead plant... They're also not a pound each, but never mind.

Preparing for Spring

It's been pretty windy here again, so I went to the plot to see if the shed had tried to escape again...

Hoarding water for the summer

I add yet another water butt to my garden ready for summer, and attempt to make the lawn less muddy.

I've been trying out my new battery powered on my . It's saved me many hours of tedious digging.

Anyone got a nice lawn they want destroying?

I have bought a new weapon of mass destruction... Assuming it survives the delivery system and isn't rubbish, my days of digging my by hand should be over.

(for the confused, I own an allotment and digging it over is like painting the Forth Bridge. By the time I get to one end of the plot, the other end has grown over again)

NCOT Technology

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