So how's your weekend going? I was fitting shelves. Instead I found the hot water pipe.

Well... here we go again... another disk has decided spinning is too much effort.

Maybe I should build a new one.

Playing around with SDL and C++, following the Lazy Foo tutorials while listening to some suitable music 🤘🤘🤘


That was both really easy and really hard. The instructions were idiot proof, right up to the bit where I attached the bracket backwards to the wall and the telly wouldn't hook onto it.

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Today's job that I don't really want to do, but appear to be the only person capable of doing - fitting my sister's Sky Glass to the wall.

The instructions are good, and it comes with its own wall bracket. Just, you know, it's effort and faff.

That's fancy, my car can fit 26,000 kWh in its battery. Not bad considering it was only sold with a 50kwh battery 😆

Surprisingly the maths was fairly accurate. Totally didn't sit behind trucks on the motorway doing 55mph. Oh no.

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So it's 35 miles home and I have "55" miles of battery. Will I make it?

I mean, I should do... Right?

Behold! My Mastodon server. It’s been up a week and not gone strange (apart from filling its disk when I added a relay), I think it can go live with my other Pi servers tomorrow.

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Yes, this makes browsing 100% better. Although I also like that there’s no algorithm watching me, so if I click on something topical it doesn’t say “HELLO I WANT TO SEE NOTHNG BUT THIS IN MY TIMELINE NOW!” to the system.

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