Webm files are beneficial to the Internet. Discuss.

While watching this video of a cat.

And was it really 8 years since I took a photo of some clouds? How time flies.

Also literally nothing in this picture exists any more. It's my old workplace, they knocked it all down.

This was widely regarded as a good thing.

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Ah yes Google, we often talk about the time I emptied the lint trap on our old tumble dryer. Good times.

Some clickbait is so daft it's transcended the aim of making me click videos to the point I want it as a poster.

Just look at this 🤣

Hacking IoT Smart Plugs

Let's make the Internet of Things a bit more useful, and less like The Internet of Turd by hacking some smart plugs so they no longer phone home to China.


Internet Memes 

Me and ChatGPT have had a little conversation...

I found a service menu on my Roku stick that let me do *something* to the adverts. Occasionally they break 😆

According to Fitbit, gardening is cycling

One of FitBit's more useful features is its ability to automatically detect exercise. I think it uses a combination of your heart rate and how the device is moving.

The pattern of motion and heart rates must be categorised by FitBit so the app can tell the difference between "swimming" and "running", etc.

It's not a precise system though.


Planting Fruit Bushes

Poundland sells cheap fruit bushes, and if you pick the ones with leaves on, they tend to grow fairly well and make a nice hedge type thing. If you pick the ones with no leaves on... they're dead, you're buying a dead plant... They're also not a pound each, but never mind.


The modern world is more like Robocop's universe than the Terminator one.

Think less intelligent murderbots, and more incompetent devices that are easily incapacitated.

Here's one trying to eat a bag...

Some people like to make their own cursed cables using Photoshop. I seem to find them in the wild for real.

Preparing for Spring

It's been pretty windy here again, so I went to the plot to see if the shed had tried to escape again...


Accidental Fruit Tart

Attempted to cook a fruit pie, but the pastry I'd made was more like biscuit dough and didn't want to stay together. Ended up turning it into a giant fruit tart thing instead. Worked out pretty good.

The trick it appears was to leave it to cool down after over cooking the fruit into a sort of jam-like consistency.


For no obvious reason my media player that talks to my own server decided to eat all the data today. Stupid thing.

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