Well I've been off grid and running off the panels all day then. Battery's still at 100%

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29KWh here too. 🌞

Effectively off grid for quite a few weeks now, although the odd spike or phase sync here and there costs a few pence per day.

Battery currently at 95% at 9:55pm :)

@rc2014 @evolutional I'm on Octopus Go for charging my car, so I fill the battery each night.

@james @rc2014 I'll be swapping to Octopus later this year after my fixed tarrif is up. We've got 13kwh batteries so likely will use the off peak to charge them in winter

@evolutional @james I'm sure you already know somebody with an Octopus referral code, but just in case you need one, feel free to tap me up when you're ready to switch.

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