If you use ChatGPT to help you learn things, you’re an idiot.

Well, you might not be, but you're certainly not understanding what these systems do.

@james this example is already outdated though. Web browsing mode allows it to pull in and cite working links.

@james it’s using a model not connected to live web browsing. There were new updates this month with beta features that allow for this, but have they have to be turned on manually.

@jjsylvia Oh it seems to be in the Beta paid tier. I hope it becomes a standard feature. Being able to make up stuff and then cite where it got information from would actually be quite good.

That could turn into a decent search engine - "I want to lean about XYZ, find me some relevant sources of information"

"OK, find me more pages like the first link. Also summarise all this for me"

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