One of the light bulbs in my house has just crashed. I had to reboot it by power cycling it.

Also my phone kept going mad because it was detecting the NFC chips in my bank cards that were also in my phone case.

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@james Two of my (cheap Chinese) Hue knockoffs went into involuntary disco, even through several resets, and then insisted on registering themselves on the phone app, so my list for this room has 6 entries now, 2 which work, 2 which used to work and 2 that got re-added and will only emit super white white very brightly.


@llamasoft_ox The modern world is amazing isn't it. I have a Tradfrei bulb that now just wants to be normal bulb *and* a small heater. It has no interest in talking to the rest of the house.

So now my Google box likes to tell me "I'm sorry, Living room isn't available right now".

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