Are you shitting me? Is the *only* way to turn off those annoying "Some plugins were automatically updated" emails from to install a plugin? Really? There isn't just a tickbox built in to switch that off?

Why? Did literally nobody think "wow these are annoying and fill up my inbox, I'll just add a switch to turn that off" when developing it?

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@james #WordPress generally doesn't tend to offer a UI for every option not to clutter the interface. Have a look at "Decisions, not options" in the philosophy
Not arguing if this makes sense in this particular case though 😉

@kraftner I can see the logic, but then it leads to people installing dozens of random plugins or - worse - finding outdated "hacks" to do the same. And this is the modern web full of exploits and malware, not the tamer web of the mid 2000s.

There's also no reason non-technical users have to see the options that can cause confusion, they can be hidden behind an "advanced" button or scary warning.

The fact there's a page shows they get asked this a lot 😁

@james As I said, not arguing for or against. But the "advanced" button has been proven again and again not to guard against people doing things they do not understand:
But yes, it is a frequent demand. People always ask for options for the one thing *they* need and complain about all the UI clutter from those they personally do not need. It is hard to balance on this either way.

@kraftner That's interesting 👍. I do like the new WP editor, it makes *writing* easy and doesn't make me be a web dev just to get something online. I used to use Hugo but hand editing Markdown got tedious quickly.

Also I much prefer having a blog than locking my content inside a social network where it gets lost after 30 seconds.

Separately, I wish there was a YouTube style recommendation system for blog posts. It's hard finding stuff to read.

@james Thanks! Disclaimer:The linked post is almost 3 years old and plenty of things have improved concerning the configurability of the block editor. Also I mostly look at it from the point of view of bigger, multi-user sites requiring consistency and staying on brand.
For personal sites, like I assume yours is, things are completely different.
In any case, having your own blog instead of locking your stuff in social networks is always a good idea, no matter if using #WordPress or anything else

@james Interestingly when I do a google search to fix this problem, this is the first WP related result I get:

What is so interesting to me is that fixing the problem through code is their *first* suggestion. This is in contrast to all of their other articles that recommend plugins first.

I'm guessing the decision was made to have update related things be more noisy since not updating is a major reason WP sites are a security risk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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