Playing around with SDL and C++, following the Lazy Foo tutorials while listening to some suitable music 🤘🤘🤘


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@james Those Lazy Foo tutorials are top tier - always have them open in a tap when I'm tinkering with SDL

@jimblimey I was pleasantly surprised that not only is SDL still in active development/maintenance but so are those tutorials.

Was totally expecting to find spiders and cobwebs all over this and "lol granddad we all use monogame in C# 27 now".

@james Hoping Unity is just a passing fad 😆​

There's also some nice FreePascal/SDL2 tutorials too

@jimblimey Yeah Unity and Unreal are just hipster toys 😝

I use pygame in Python too, which is just SDL but wrapped in Python.

We've got a lot of mileage out of a library first written to make SimCity 3000 work in Linux.

@james swap you playing with SDL for implementing secure authentication into a lightweight C++ web server library, which is next week's main task.

@matt303 Would I get to play with fiddly, weird, poorly documented protocols and have an almost complete lack of debugging beyond peering at server logs?

@james I think you've just written my job description 😉

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