Today's job that I don't really want to do, but appear to be the only person capable of doing - fitting my sister's Sky Glass to the wall.

The instructions are good, and it comes with its own wall bracket. Just, you know, it's effort and faff.

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That was both really easy and really hard. The instructions were idiot proof, right up to the bit where I attached the bracket backwards to the wall and the telly wouldn't hook onto it.

@matt303 It looks OK in here, but yeah.

And we're putting the telly above the fireplace because this thing is a 55" monster and doesn't fit anywhere else.

For a 4K panel it looks a bit soft and grainy close up. I wasn't immediately amazed by the thing. It's also so heavy!

@james The SkyGlass thing doesn't get good reviews, not sure why anyone would have one just to get another horrid assistant that will try and well you a sky sub.

@matt303 She's already a Sky cult member, and needed a new telly. This somehow worked out cheaper.

I sat through I'm a Celebrity this morning. Came to the realisation I'm not missing anything by not watching broadcast TV.

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