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Here's my .
I'm James, I'm from Yorkshire and am owned by two cats.

is my main thing, mostly low level and programming. I have a website and a channel where I gather together my nerdy pastimes.

Content here will mostly be about nerdy stuff, with zero politics or other annoying rubbish.

When your Amazon package says it will be arriving tomorrow, but then you realise it's just gone midnight and tomorrow is an actual 24 hours away and not just "after I've gone to bed"

Anyone remember the real life based movie "Alive"?

I have real sympathy for the people involved. I just spent five minutes trying to separate some frozen chicken pieces and it wasn't easy!

Trying to do it without proper kitchen tools must have been difficult.

Damn, when fed the correct input, ChatGPT does come out with some good things.

I am definitely in the Time Wasting Wilderness.

The Greenhouse…

I tackle The Greenhouse on my plot. A weed infested aluminium frame full of broken glass... I need to turn it into somewhere to grow my tomatoes.

Seed Planting

Last year I farted about trying to start seeds early in pots at home. It never seemed that successful and involved more farting about hardening the plants off to the outdoor elements. So this year I just waited until the weather warmed up enough that they could go straight in the ground.


More Artificial Idiocy

Today I'm reminded the Internet is a strange and surreal place when GMail decides to add some spam appointments to my Google Calendar. I'm on a flight to India on Tuesday next week!

If you don't gosub a program loop, you'll never get a subroutine.

Well I've been off grid and running off the panels all day then. Battery's still at 100%

If you use ChatGPT to help you learn things, you’re an idiot.

Well, you might not be, but you're certainly not understanding what these systems do.

One of the light bulbs in my house has just crashed. I had to reboot it by power cycling it.

Also my phone kept going mad because it was detecting the NFC chips in my bank cards that were also in my phone case.

It's also reassuring that in this modern age of crypto and call centre scams there's still people trying traditional spam...

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It occurs to me that in the future people will communicate by posting memes at each other instead of actually talking. Kind of like this, but more gifs

DIY Solar – is it worth it?

Can I put a solar panel on the roof of my shed and use it to power my server farm, or will I just waste all my money?

Jungle Clearance

Due to the weather being quite rubbish I didn't get over to the allotment much in the past month. And it seems things are now starting to grow! A lot!

Are you shitting me? Is the *only* way to turn off those annoying "Some plugins were automatically updated" emails from to install a plugin? Really? There isn't just a tickbox built in to switch that off?

Why? Did literally nobody think "wow these are annoying and fill up my inbox, I'll just add a switch to turn that off" when developing it?

I've had panels and a battery installed. I think I can say it's working!

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