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Here's my .
I'm James, I'm from Yorkshire and am owned by two cats.

is my main thing, mostly low level and programming. I have a website and a channel where I gather together my nerdy pastimes.

Content here will mostly be about nerdy stuff, with zero politics or other annoying rubbish.

So how's your weekend going? I was fitting shelves. Instead I found the hot water pipe.

Well... here we go again... another disk has decided spinning is too much effort.

Maybe I should build a new one.

Today an #internetarchive patron uploaded a 1,400 page book called "Art Of Intel X86 Assembly." It's unclear to me who the author is or how long ago it was written, but ... just reading the preface, I love this book and the author.

#assemblylanguage #x86 #foundwithTIARA

Actually, I think a lot of 🐓's problems could be solved by implementing a content warning system like on here. Rant your face off at the world, behind a cover so people can choose to ignore it.

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The trick to staying sane online isn't to become a hermit and disconnect from all social media.

Just disable notifications in all those apps. If there's not a red badge on their icons and you don't see banner notifications, it becomes your choice to check them. Like email.

That and turning off retweets from your incessant activist friends.

This feels appropriate for the second thing I've ever posted to mastodon.

Still early for me on Mastodon so I will share that one of the blogs I run for fun is a retrocomputing blog called ByteCellar that has been online for 18 years.
#retrocomputing #vintagecomputers #blogs #retro

It's super frustrating to work with computers for a living, because it means I know:

1) Exactly how bad they are
2) Exactly how good they can be under perfect circumstances
3) Why we have 1 instead of 2.

Quick guide to http status codes

1xx wait a sec
2xx there you go
3xx fuck off
4xx fuck you
5xx fuck

Just how annoying are radio adverts where they have to gabble out 30 seconds of terms & conditions, like they're entering a speed reading contest?

Yes, I accidentally had the radio on in the car today instead of my own music.

Playing around with SDL and C++, following the Lazy Foo tutorials while listening to some suitable music 🤘🤘🤘


A note to all mastodonians, but particularly new folk...

Please take a few minutes to fill out your profile. The #fediverse is a big place (and getting bigger!) - want to engage with more like-minded and/or similar interest people? Put something in your profile that says who you are and what you do!

#mastodon works best when you are able to have an idea what a person is into or what their interests are.

Successfully compiled Macstodon into a standalone app tonight, and have it building on System 7.1 without crashing :) Needs a bit of polish, but I should have something to share tomorrow night!

(still not sure what's going on with that second set of menus though, it only happens when Python gets an error and shows the stdout window, which I don't seem to have any control over)

I’m starting a graphics based project, and decided to use SDL2 in Windows. This meant setting up a development environment. Here’s some notes on how I set up MSYS2, VS Code and LibSDL2.

A little exprriment... I wanna see how far this post can go & how many people are on what software. Repost for exposure pls :boost_requested:​​:boostsOK:

#Poll #Fedi #Fediverse #Software #Experiment

The original 3.5 inch top-loading floppy drive ushered in a new era of convenient, portable and reliable storage. It wasn't until the original Macintosh that modern slot-loading drives became popular.

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